Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Amy Winehouse, WHAT THE F*CK!

I know it's embarrassingly easy to take a crack (HA!) at Amy Winehouse's appearance and behavior, but I recently stumbled upon this picture while surfin' the net and OH MY GOD. Does she know what she looks like? It's way past, "Hm, maybe the eyeliner is a little thick." or "Okay, okay. My hair weighs more than I do, I'll eat an extra bag of cocaine today." But this is her actually trying to look good. She looks like she's wearing those plastic vampire fangs that little kids wear on Halloween. I mean, to be fair, everyone has their bad days, but she has to have some idea that she literally looks like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Or actually, Gollum's even more hideously disfigured younger brother that the family kept chained in the basement.

...ahem... not that there's anything wrong with keeping someone chained up in a basement...

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