Thursday, February 21, 2008

awkward tweens

Song of the day: Gat Kirwani, Ravi Shankar

So, there is only one bar at my school, and it's the most ultimately klassy place you'd ever want to be seen. Everyone basically packs into this dark, smoky room (complete with beer-sticky floor), gets retarded drunk and makes the poorest life decisions they possibly can. Here are a couple examples from last night:

1. I'm waiting in line for the bathroom. Notice freshman girl wearing cute top and ballet flats and stumbling a little bit. Look away. Moments later, I hear gasps, so I turn around to witness her projectile vomiting in every direction. THEN, girlfriend proceeds to SLIP IN HER OWN VOMIT and come crashing down to the floor, flailing around. It was literally a new low, and also hilarious.

2. I'm sitting outside at a table on the simply decadent patio, crafted from cracking grey concrete and subtly decorated with some keg shells and broken pool-type umbrellas. My friends and I are chatting about diamonds and yachts, taking some casual photos, having a laugh. All of the sudden-- this tiny dark-featured man comes LEAPING over the 6 foot wall that encloses the patio, crashes head-on into a heat lamp and some of the keg shells, and then just runs inside, completely unfazed. We all sat in silence for a few moments, to commemorate the most amazing thing we'd ever witnessed.

I don't know, maybe I'm missing something, but falling into and rolling around in your own vomit is one of the most humiliating and foul things I could imagine happening to me in public. Even though, there was that time I peed myself in a convenience store when I was 14... my friend's mom made me sit on newspapers the entire ride home. True story.

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