Friday, February 15, 2008

see you in prison!

Song of the day: Tenderoni, Chromeo

I don't really watch that much TV (except for 'Rock of Love 2' but we'll talk about that later), but I noticed an ad for this new game show called "My Dad is Better Than Your Dad." This is NBC's description:

The age-old question will finally be answered... Is My Dad Better Than Your Dad? Don't miss a moment of this action-packed family game show where dads battle it out in outrageous challenges and stunts. Whose dad is smarter? Faster? Stronger? Which dad knows his kids the best? You'll be in stitches when dads compete for money and neighborhood bragging rights.

Dads? 'battling it out'? I'd like to see how seriously these douches will compete over coaching soccer for a bunch of 8-year-olds.. or something equally important, like back-to-school shopping! Or maybe one of the dads will break down crying when it comes out that he's never gotten past middle management in 14 years at the same company. This can only end in lifelong intensive therapy and probz (hopefully) foster families. YAY!


Eliza said...

It's all because of the writers strike...ruining my evening TV.

JT said...

kristy joe is hot