Monday, February 18, 2008

zo good.

Song of the day: Root Down, Beastie Boys

I'm putting good faith in all of you, and assuming you've at least heard of VH1 Classic, because it's nothing short of wonderful. I watch it pretty much anytime I remember that there's a TV in my living room (which isn't as often as you'd think), and my most favorite video thus far is some song off the "Pretty In Pink" Soundtrack. It was pretty much a montage of Molly Ringwald and that kid who always played a huge loser in, like, every 80s movie ever made. And that crayon/paint video-editing effect that was super pop in the early 90s and is basically the entire intro to that show "In Living Color" that J. Lo danced for or something.

Also, a lot of the sickest vidz remind me of "Superstar Video" which was where the kool kids had their birthday parties in third grade. Green-screen with terribly unrealistic projections of locations like New York City or a carnival as a background to some peepz fake-playing instruments? I say yes.

In Living Color Intro, for your health and nostalgia.

note: LUVZ the black & white striped spandex jumpsuit sported by Kim Wayans.

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