Monday, March 24, 2008

I... hatechu.

Today I was at the mall and was sitting at a table in the food court with two of my friends. We noticed there were a bunch of cameramen walking around filming this girl. She would go over to people and sit down next to them and ask them questions while this kwazy-looking lady with magenta hair observed her. Turns out it was MTV's 'Made.'

Of all the people who don't give a crap about this, I win. So, of course the girl comes over to the table where I'm sitting and sits down next to us. Turns out she's trying to be a beauty queen (...what? This is not Texas) and wanted to know what we thought of after-school activities. Not sure how that correlates, but whatevs.

Here's how the conversation went:

MTV girl: Are you involved in after-school activities?
All of us: (awkwardly) Uhh.. we're in college.
MTV girl: Oh, well... what do you think of them? Are they... good? And if so, what are they good for?

--Pause. I'm thinking: ???????? you're stupid.

but then we answered and evened the score:

Me: "Yeah, they're good to... do... I mean... anything to build up your resume I guess..."
Friend #1: Uhh... I'm in a sorority....
Friend #2: Yeah! Oh, I'm not.

Then the girl said 'thank you' and politely walked away because our answers clearly SUCKED/were so retarded and then the cameraman rounded on us. First he asked one of my friends if she was my mom (which was so weird), made us sign consent forms, and then he asked us some survey questions.

This was my full moment of glory:

Camera guy: So, what did you think of a young girl talking to random people and a lady observing her behavior?

(Just for the record the girl is black and her "Made Coach" is white)

Me: Well at first I thought it could have been her mom or they were related... but CLEARLY that's not the case...

***awkward silence***

Camera guy: Uh... yeah... OK, that's great thanks.

***he walks away***

Now all of tween America will think I'm a bigot. Thank you and goodnight.

P.S. keep watching MTV religiously so you can see me make an ass of myself on a crappy show!

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