Monday, April 28, 2008

divine intervention

You will all think I'm crazy. In some respects, this is true. BUT, I PROMISE YOU-- word for word-- this is the 100% truth.

Tonight, I got a text message from God.

My phone beeps and says "1 New Text Message." I was very confused because my phone has, since I've ever had it, only vibrated for text messages. "Some freak thing," I think to myself. I open my phone to check the text:

Fr: (God)
Message: Remember, my child, I am always watching.

I tried, for 10 minutes, to extract a number from the text message: nothing. I wrote back 'Who is this?' No response. I even googled it and NOTHING came up! Like, legit, this is one of the most bizarre things that has ever happened to me. Hopefully there is some reasonable or prank-type explanation for this, and if there isn't-- I'm officially stunned and confused. And, apparently, watched from above.

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