Saturday, May 17, 2008

pick your poison

So last night my brother and I played a delightful little game called, 'Which one would you choose?' wherein we present each other with two similar circumstances, foods, bands, etc. and whomever is being questioned must make the choice. We played it while in our respective bedrooms, screaming at each other in the dark. Here are some gems:

"Hot dog or hamburger?"

"Sharting or throwing up in public?"

"Good smell or good taste?"

"Zeppelin or the Stones?"

"Primus or Red Hot Chili Peppers?"

Ben: "Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash?"
Me: "Bob Dylan."
Ben: "Bob Dylan or Ray Charles?"
Me: "Bob Dylan."
Ben: "Bob Dylan or.... Jesus?"

"Joss Stone or a bag of garbage?"

Play for yourself! It's great fun.

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