Tuesday, June 3, 2008

lack of a muffler earns you a degree in tool school.

Here's a little poem I wrote while taking the beltway yesterday:

Man on the highway, you drive so slow
Are you aware the gas pedal makes you 'go'?
When I tried to pass you, you cut me off and sped up
I swerved and almost found myself underneath a semi-truck.

Messing around on the road seems to you a fun game
But seriously dude? I'm about to take aim.
If you're trying to anger me, you have succeeded
I hope your rear bumper isn't something you needed.

Next time drive faster, keep up with the traffic flow
And you won't need to take your stupid Civic to Aamco.
I'm sorry your car is now in the poorest of conditions
But honestly, I hate you and it seems that my road rage is malicious.

The end.

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