Monday, July 28, 2008

want 2 vom.

Have you all seen that whack commercial for Mentos gum? I mean first of all, Mentos gum seems pretty pointless... since Mentos (original) are chewy mints.

Anyway, the commercial shows this office-y girl going over to the water cooler, and one of her male coworkers is sitting next to it. You think she's going to, oh-so-ordinarily, drink straight from the cooler spout (EW). But instead, curve ball, and she leans over, basically dislocates the dude's nose and makes out with him. Then, when she's finished being "refreshed," she repositions his nose and struts away.


AND!!! In the original commercial, this sick gulping noise is played while she makes out with the guy, which is so horribly nauseating that I was really just open mouthed (pun intended!) that any quasi-normal minded person would come up with that concept... it literally sounds like she's drinking his spit.

In the more recently aired versions of the ad, the gulping noise is omitted but it is still a really gay and weird commercial that doesn't make sense. Since when are either slurping a guy's face off, or putting your mouth to the office-wide water cooler at ALL refreshing? Gross, Mentos.

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