Friday, December 12, 2008

seen & heard

In the past two weeks, I have seen way more infomercials than I care to in my entire life. While a spanish guitar with Carlos Santana's autograph etched into the headstock was rather tempting, the gem that stood out was something a little bit more historical. 

It began with Montel Williams, former talk show host extraordinaire, who I now realize is completely out of work. I tuned out for most of his painfully serious intro, but then he went on to introduce the purchase of a lifetime: four coins emblazoned with President Elect Obama's portrait. The collection included a special edition Washington, DC dollar coin, the Hawaii state quarter, the Illinois state quarter, and a President Kennedy half-dollar. This last one was especially worth noting, because according to historian Montel Williams, both candidates based their campaign platforms on 'change.' CHANGE ON CHANGE!

In any case, you can get this commemorative gift set of $2.00 worth of coins, mounted on special edition glass paper weights. You hear that folks? a package valued at $2.00, for the bargain price of only $19.95! AND, they'll even include certificates of authenticity with every historical purchase. You know, in case anyone doubts that your enthroned quarters are knock-offs.

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