Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hurts so good

Yesterday around 3, as I was taking the elevator back up to my office (after some important purchasing of DVDs from the Virgin Megastore for someone’s assistant), I beheld a sight that left quite a mark on my day.

At first glance it was nothing remarkable: a woman speaking to a man, on their way up to the Glamour office. Then I noticed she was on crutches. “Poor lady.” I thought. Then I noticed she had a medical boot on the injured foot. “So ugly.” I thought. Then I noticed that her other, "normal" shoe was a 4-inch stiletto.

This really struck me as an odd choice, and for a moment, I wondered if it was just me . But the elevator arrived at the 16th floor, and out she hobbled, balancing precariously on that pin-width heel. I have to say, I was rather impressed by her maneuverability in a shoe that is beyond difficult to walk in when you can steady yourself on a pair of them. But, in all honesty, it looked like a sloth trying to walk like a human.

And it was a cute shoe, but seriously? WTF, January sidewalks in New York are icy death traps, girlfriend was just tempting another injury.

UPDATE 1/14: This isn't exactly an update to the above story, but rather a 'crutches story' update. While I was waiting for the subway this morning, this really scraggly dude on crutches was limping around the platform looking really pissed at the world. I watched as a nicely dressed woman made her way past him... AND HE TRIPPED HER! Like, intentionally swung his crutch out and pretty much just whacked her in the shins, Tonya Harding style.

It looked obviously intentional, and the reaction from both parties was so hilarious. The woman let out a surprised yelp and jumped back a little, looking at the guy in disbelief. The scraggly guy just grunted angrily and made absolutely no attempt to apologize or explain himself. I guess sometimes you just gotta trip a bitch.

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