Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay, someone needs to address this: the current season of MTV's 'The Real World... sucks.

Let me see if I can understand this. Back in the day, The Real World set the precedent for "exciting" reality TV, and used to have really naughty sex kittens and the occasional super-shady ex-junkie. The house members used to hook up with each other and get hammered at bars and fall off the tables they were dancing on. REMEMBER RUTHIE?!  Even one of the lamest seasons ever had that ridiculous anorexic girl who survived on nothing but diet soda and carrot sticks, and would collapse every few days for the hell of it.

Who are these losers we're presently watching?! All they ever seem to do is play "pranks." Like, wow... you guys sure are causing a ruckus by rearranging the furniture on the unsuspecting other housemates. But then... WHY are you getting mad about it, other people? JUST MOVE THE CHAIR BACK TO THE WALL! It is so transparent that MTV tried to put the most "outrageous", "controversial", and "opposite" people they could find into a house together... and failed miserably. The Mormon is just a retarded hipster, the post-traumatic stressed ex-Army dude lost his temper ONCE, and the post-op tranny is like the nicest most normal person ever, and absolutely no one has a problem with her. There are three other girls (who no one cares about), and a dumb blonde Boston bro who is unbelievably sweet and sensitive and his worst moment is when he almost cries because post-op doesn't go to his birthday party. Oh, and the deep convos that occur amongst the housemates are made up of the most brain-dead, cringe-inducing, self-seeking, dumbly-redundant teenage comments  I've ever heard. (Was that enough hyphens for you?)

Bottom line? Step it up, MTV... this is D+ work at best. It's almost like the whole staff who was supposed to plan this season passed out at the strategy meeting and the janitor came in and planned it instead. But I mean... who could blame those guys? It was Margarita Monday in the MTV lounge!


Leeor said...

snow, i LOVE when you use parentheses because this utilization reminds me of myself and as vain as i am... i love being reminded of myself at all possible opportunities.

Jeff said...

I've been watching since MTV is the only website that allows you to watch their shows from outside the states-it started to get real fucking annoying

anyway, this was such a horrible season. although i tuned in each week (hoping SOMETHING WOULD HAPPEN), i am alsmost disgusted in the fact that i even watched the reuinion episode.
all the fucking 5 year old bickering got so annoying. Ryan could play pranks but PMSed anytime something happened to him. good for him for being in the army, but im sorry, that doesnt give him the right to do whatever, including scream at the top of his lungs over petty bullshit.
chet is the biggest homo ive ever seen. cool black vest and purple scarf, mormom. sorry your first boob you ever saw was on the real world, you should have just came out right then and there. and go suck ryans dick, you are so in love with him.
scott seemed like hed be a douchebag, but he turned out to be the best one on the show, except for his temper tantrum about his birthday party.
im not sure where they found these immature pre adolescents, but youre right, mtv needs to step it up.
sarah needs to take the stick out of her ass, and kaitlan is gross, but at least she was semi-normal for the most part. baya was cool as fuck, but she obviously wanted nothing to do with anyone else. devyn was ok, she had her moments. but then theres jd. fucking jd. what a pussy. that guy sucks.