Tuesday, April 14, 2009

bottom chef.

Dear Padma Lakshmi,
I have always thought of you as cultured, poised and gorgeous. The hostess of the only reality TV show that will not blacklist you from any legitimate future job. You are a smart model. You were married to Salman Rushdie for Chrissake! Why, WHY did you do this?

I know you'll cringe every time this commercial airs, so I do not want to rub it in your face (too much) what a trashy and Paris Hilton-esque move this gig was, but ew. Everyone knows you don't eat shit like this. In fact, no one in your realm of existence eats shit like this. Have you ever even seen more than like 4 Hardees'(es?) in your life? And the grand finale of licking the barbeque sauce off your own leg, while sitting on a stranger's filthy front stoop in an anonymous urban area? Vomtown.


Blackout Factory Writer

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MtGnoBert23 said...

top chef is awesome. its not like she does anything on the show anyways. if i had a dollar for every time the camera cuts to her and cuts away without her saying a thing..

and i've had that burger before and i wouldn't be surprised if she ate one of those things every once in a while.. DANK!