Tuesday, January 19, 2010

double cartoon-themed post day

I think I might start a photo blog that's exclusively about real animals that look like cartoons. Actually... way too lazy, I'll just do it here when I feel so inclined.

<< real, live Puffin.

new cartooooons

So maybe you've heard, but FX recently came out with the animated series Archer. The previews didn't really lend much insight to what it would be like, so I watched it and my brain exploded from awesome. It's really hilarious and the animation is all old-fashioned and realistic-ish and sweet. But be warned: you should only watch it if you enjoy laughing. Otherwise, I'd stick to something totally unfunny, like The Cleveland Show.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Ali Lohan,

Breaking news: you were definitely born male.
I'm so confused by your broad shoulders, weird mankini and skeleton head.



P.S. that "skirt" doesn't match. Or, pillowcase from 1963. Whatever.