Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yaz is CrAzAy!

Female-targeted ads are consistently ridiculous and kind of embarrassing. We know this. Kotex even incorporated this concept into their new campaign, sarcastically addressing the believability of tampon ads where women are swirling around in A-line dresses and having the most awesomest time ever(!) at the POOL during their periods. Yeah, no.

In any case, my new favorite crazy is the most recent TV ad put out for Yaz birth control. Apparently, in addition to giving you a worry-free, baby-less, and promiscuous-as-U-wanna-be lifestyle, you also get to act batshit insane.
Behavior YOU can engage in, if you take Yaz:
  • Falling backwards into a bathtub while fully clothed!
  • Sitting on the ground barefoot and cutting off your own hair with random scissors!
  • Painting the walls of what probably isn't even your apartment to match your haircolor!
  • Dressing a mannequin as a robot lady-clown in an empty studio space and laughing maniacally!
  • And more!!!!

Yaz: Real crazy pills for a real crazy life.

You're welcome for the new tagline, Bayer pharmaceutical company. And since I use Yaz, I'll take my compensation in oversized teddy bears that talk, please!